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My Android app I was developing with Python and Kivy is finished! I wrote a post about it:

“Numbers” Memory training app made with Pytho and Kivy

App now available for download:

Working on an Android App made with Python Kivy framework. I guess you can also call it a game.

Recently I noticed I’m having issues remembering stuff, especially numbers. For example I need to enter a code for two step verification and I always need to check my, lets say Google Authenticator app multiple times to be sure that I’m entering the correct numbers.

So decided to create an app for myself to train myself on remembering number sequences. Also I want it to be fun so I think I will make it like a game.

Because I’m learning Python, I naturally decided to use it for this app. The only problem is that I want to use this app on my phone. I have an Android phone, so of course I need to create an Android app.

I found this Python cross platform framework called Kivy. This is the link to this framework page:

and decided to use it for my app. Will be posting updates on this blog.

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