Started working on my Game/App (Final post)

Hellou. My memory training app made with Python and Kivy is done! I’m sure it has bugs and I will need to add more things to it later. But for now it is done!

“Numbers” Memory training app/game

So I planned on doing much more posts and I wanted to make them much more in depth. But when you have a baby at home and you are trying to manage everything… To be a good dad, a good husband, help around the house, properly walk the dog. Then to work on your project, while at the same time learning the tools, programming language, framework… At the end of the day to write a detailed post, to actually write anything is quite a challenge.

Also I had a deadline. I set it to myself. At the end of February I needed to be done with this app, this little game. I needed to publish it. I started at the beginning of the month. So I had roughly around 20 days to do this. To learn everything and while learning develop my app. That made posting about it even harder. I simply did not have time for it.

And I was very specific on the deadline. Because I never finished anything… I had, I have many ideas. But rarely I even finished a proper prototype. Not enough time, not enough motivation, got bored, moved to another tool, something happened in life and etc. Usual stuff. But this time I said it to myself. This time will be different. Also I was very realistic about my project. No big ideas, not a lot of features. Make it as simple as possible. This way less chances that I will loose motivation, get bored or will be stuck for a long time.

So from the last post I did a lot. I revamped Options screen and logic behind it.

Options screen

I removed different time options, because they became irrelevant. I added skip button at the screen where random number was generated and I set fixed time countdown to remember it.

Random number generation

I completed life system, added increasing difficulty. I created different gameplay for each mode you chose in Options. So on Easy you were picking your correct number from the list. Which grew in size with higher difficulty.

Choose correct number from the list

One thing about this list to mention. These numbers are not just random numbers. They actually very similar to the correct number you need to remember. So its more difficult, more confusing. Spent some time developing this little feature. And I’m really proud of it :]

Then on Normal mode you need to actually type the correct number after remembering it on previous screen. On reaching higher levels number gets longer and longer.

Enter correct number

Another part of app I’m proud of is that you have this specific number of dots where do you need to type the correct number. And each number you type replaces the dot. Then if you made a mistake and want to delete the number, dot replaces the number. Number number number 😀 Sorry for this :]

Small thing to develop and I’m sure nobody will notice it. But again, needed some time to make this look good and actually function the way I like it. So yes, proud of it.

That’s it. My app is finished. Now it is in review on Google Play Store.

Google Play in review

It is a waiting game now 🙂 But you know what? I’m not that concerned. Even if my app will not be approved, I’m still quite proud of myself. I actually completed my first ever project. I made an app, a game. Yes it is small. And yes, I’m sure it will have bugs and etc. But I completed it before my deadline. It is definitely in working state, state I personally like. I learned so much doing this. I learned more about Python, then Kivy framework itself. Then I worked on graphics. Again nothing special, but I still needed to do it. Created my logo, my app icon and etc.

And the last part which was definitely not that fun was publishing my app. Will write some post in the near future about that part of the whole experience. I’m sure it will be useful for someone trying to build their .apk file with Python, which works and will be accepted by Google on initial upload to Google Play Console.

That’s it for now. Will write another post with the update after my app will be approve or not.

Oh and one more thing. My app is totally free. No Ads, no in game purchases, nothing :] Thank you for reading this, have a great day and this is a title screen of my app :]

Title screen

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