Working on a new prototype

Yes, playing with new ideas and working on a new prototype.

New Prototype Unity Editor
New Prototype

Still with Unity game engine… I must say just now I started to embrace the power of Unity Asset Store. I’m still doing a lot with Blender and Affinity Designer, but for other stuff, especially math related, I go to the assets store.

For example for this project to generate my enemies I used:

Simple Object Pooler

Then I adapted some stuff for the sky/background from this one:

Stylized Water 2

This one is my main tool for creating these FPS controls on mobile:

Advanced Mobile First Person Controller

And then I picked something from this package to use for my enemies AI:

A* Pathfinding Project Pro

So as you can see quite a lot of assets. Not using everything from them, just bits and pieces for my specific needs. But they helps a lot, because I’m really too stupid for this stuff on my own…

After a day of sticking everything together I got this little playable scene:

New Prototype

Just for this simple stuff I needed to research a lot. Also those assets from the store helps, but with each imported asset you get a documentation to read, then you need to understand other peoples code and etc… So everything has its own price.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Will try to post more updates regarding this project.

Have a good day!

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