Working on a new prototype

Yes, playing with new ideas and working on a new prototype. Still with Unity game engine… I must say just now I started to embrace the power of Unity Asset Store. I’m still doing a lot with Blender and Affinity Designer, but for other stuff, especially math related, I go to the assets store. For… Continue reading Working on a new prototype

My second game published!

So my second game called “Crypto Miner” is live on Google Play Store: Also available on where you can download Windows version of the game: <a href=””>Crypto Miner by lowendplay</a> I really thought that I will be writing posts almost every day about the whole process. But unfortunately I quickly realized that this… Continue reading My second game published!

Blender Viewport Shading bug related to Radeon GPU cards

So my first post will be about annoying bug I encountered after upgrading my PC with Radeon GPU card. Specifically – RX 580. But as I understand you can have this bug with all Radeon cards.After installing Blender 2.83.10 (I’m always after those LTS versions) and starting a new project I get this: when I… Continue reading Blender Viewport Shading bug related to Radeon GPU cards