My second game published!

So my second game called “Crypto Miner” is live on Google Play Store:

Crypto Miner

Also available on where you can download Windows version of the game:

I really thought that I will be writing posts almost every day about the whole process. But unfortunately I quickly realized that this will not be possible.

One of the reasons was my deadline. A deadline I set it to myself. I needed to finish this game in a month. Also during the development I was learning Unity at the same time and creating 2D, and 3D assets.

My whole tech stack for this game was:

  • Unity Game Engine,
  • Affinity Designer for 2D assets,
  • Blender for all 3D stuff.

On top of all that I have a family 🙂 1.5 years old kid requires a lot of your time during the day 🙂 Also I have dog who needs at least an hour for every walk. So at the end of the day you are left with not that much time for yourself. Unless you will be skipping sleep… Sadly I did that… at least for a week or more…

Anyway, I finished my game at the end of the month. So I succeeded. My deadline was realistic after all. But unfortunately I had no time to write posts documenting my development process… My hands where already full and I was not able to find time to write anything. English is not in my native language. So because of that writing costs me even more time.

So thank you for reading this and thank you for maybe trying my small incremental game 🙂

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