Very minimal, very simple personal blog I created to additionally motivate myself to become better at some of my specific hobbies.
These are: coding with Python, Game Development and 3D modeling with Blender.

My blog posts will not be long and detailed reads. It is hard enough to find time for my hobbies now when I have a baby at home, so for writing blog posts is even harder 🙂

I will not be writing about my daily life, feelings and etc. 🙂 I want to use this website more as a database for my interesting internet finds, for collecting useful Blender tips, code snippets, cool game engines and game frameworks I found and tried. And of course my projects, and solutions I came up with by solving problems related to coding, installing tools and etc.

So thank you for visiting my website. I hope here you will be able to find at least something useful, something interesting. Have a great day ;]