Working on a new project

I started working on a new game project. It will be another idle incremental game (because I love the genre). This time I’m making an incremental city management game.

Again I’m using Unity. Not because I’m a huge fan of the engine, but because of how much knowledge is available online. I’m a total beginner, so to be able to find help fast is crucial for me. Also C# is growing on me 🙂

Interesting thing is that this time I’m not working alone. Friend joined me on this project. He already have 4 games published. And his last one is on Google Play Store ( so he has much more experience than me 🙂

Basically my first task was to create icons for our game. And this is the result:

City Management icons
City Management icons

This is like my second attempt at this so cannot say I’m fully satisfied with the result, but it does not look that bad… At least other people are saying this to me 🙂
So that’s it for now, will be posting some updates later.

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