Blender Viewport Shading bug related to Radeon GPU cards

So my first post will be about annoying bug I encountered after upgrading my PC with Radeon GPU card. Specifically – RX 580. But as I understand you can have this bug with all Radeon cards.
After installing Blender 2.83.10 (I’m always after those LTS versions) and starting a new project I get this:

Blender Viewport Shading bug

when I chose Material Preview in Viewport Shading menu.

Choosing Material Preview

So to fix this problem you basically have two options. First is to install AMD Radeon ProRender for Blender. But unfortunately it is slow… You can use it, but I personally dislike this option. Anyway, after switching to Rendering window:

Switching to Rendering window

and choosing AMD Radeon ProRender as your Render Engine

Choosing Blender Radeon ProRender

you can see that Material Preview now works.

Material Preview using Blender Radeon ProRender

But try rotating your cube, your model and you will see what I mean.

Glitchy Material Preview while using Blender Radeon ProRender

It gets glitchy, you need to wait for a second for the model to render properly.

Another option is to turn on High Quality Normals. So get back to Rendering window.

Switching to Rendering window in Blender

And choose Eevee as your Render Engine.

Choosing Eevee as Render Engine in Blender

Then scroll down to Performance

Choosing Performance Tab under Eevee

and check box next to High Quality Normals.

Checking High Quality Normals box in Blender

Get back to Layout window, choose Material Preview and it works like it should work.

Working fixed Material Preview in Blender

So yeah, that’s it. I hope this post was useful to you, another Blender user 🙂 Thank you for visiting my website and… last piece of advice. If you want to do 3D modeling, buy NVIDIA GPU card 😊 Is that simple. Because with Radeon cards while doing 3D modeling I can say for sure you will be running in to small glitches and bugs. Maybe they will not be a deal breaker to you, but they will be definitely annoying.

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