Incremental Lab – incremental game

Finished another project. It is another idle incremental game and its called Incremental Lab 🙂 Just fun little game to kill some time. It is super easy to play. If you are tired from endless menus and buttons in these type of games then this one is definitely for you. Here is the link to… Continue reading Incremental Lab – incremental game

Crypto Miner an incremental idle game

Update: My second game called “Crypto Miner” is live on Google Play Store. It is a small and fun (at least for me) incremental idle game. Here is the store link: Game is also available on where you can download Windows version: Crypto Miner by lowendplay For quite some time I was and… Continue reading Crypto Miner an incremental idle game

Game/App – memory trainer

Python Kivy framework

Update: My Android app I was developing with Python and Kivy is finished! I wrote a post about it: App now available for download: Working on an Android App made with Python Kivy framework. I guess you can also call it a game. Recently I noticed I’m having issues remembering stuff, especially numbers.… Continue reading Game/App – memory trainer

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